Clueless QCAL (As if!) — Miscellaneous features/design elements

If you haven’t had a chance to think about/decide on a coat or quilt pattern, or selected fabrics, have no fear–you still have plenty of time. And if the timing just won’t work to follow along with the QCAL, I hope you find the information useful for whenever you do make one!
If you’ve been thinking about the different components, but haven’t decided, and are driving your family and friends crazy, feel free to bounce ideas off of your IG group 🙂 Someone shared a really

cool quilt design  in one of the chats this weekend. Anyhoo…let’s move onto the subject of the email: coat features and design elements.


Here are a few cool ideas I’ve seen others incorporate into their quilt coats.

There are companies that can make custom labels for you (for your quilts, bags, clothing) with your name/brand. I got my custom quilt labels from 

Dutch Label Company

. Another company that does custom labels is 

Ever Emblem

. I follow 

Sarah Jean Makes

 and she has a 10% off discount code in her profile.

If you want something more general (cheaper) and a little fun/snarky, check out the labels by 

Kylie and the Machine

. Her shop is 

linked here

. Sara Hearts also makes cute labels. 

Her shop is here


From Kylie’s shop I got ”

Wear the Shit Outta Me

” and ”

You can’t buy this

“. I have a few extras, so if you want one or both (but don’t need a whole pack), I can mail them to you for $2.50/each (the shipping from Australia is what jacks up the price).

Hook Loop
This loop would allow you to hang the coat on a hook, without digging into the fabric. Not something you’d use all the time, but it’s simple and purposeful. 

Click here for an example


For full lining
If you are installing a full lining into your coat, install an invisible zipper to make turning your coat a breeze. It’s talked about 

in this blog post


Reversible Coat
If you bind all your seams instead of serging or installing a separate lining, your coat could technically be reversible. Here are a few examples. 

This coat is reversible

This one too.

And another

I have another email planned which talks how to read a clothing pattern, because if you’ve only ever made quilts, it can seem impossible to read compared to a quilt pattern! I’m also thinking about talking about, either in the same email, or a separate one, tips and tricks for garment sewing that quilters might not know. If you have any suggestions on what others might find helpful, reply to this email!

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