Clueless QCAL (As if!) — Week 4 – Piece sleeves, collar, hood, pockets, etc.

Hey everyone!
It’s Monday which means we are starting a new week of the Clueless QCAL. Some of you are making great progress and some of you aren’t. 


 If you are in the latter group, with me, it’s ok! There is going to be a good chunk of us that are turtle-ing along (Tanisha in the Group 14 IG chat came up with that description), so don’t feel like you are alone, or can’t ask for help after the QCAL concludes.

Last Week (Week 3)
This past week we were basting and quilting our front and back components. Here are some progress posts people have shared on IG. There have also been great progress shots shared in stories, as well as the IG groups, but these are the ones I can easily share via email.
Cosmos Quilts 

pieced her back

pin-basted it

, then 

realized the backing fabric was the wrong orientation

 so she has to redo it! I feel your pain. Has anyone else done this?

Check out 

this amazing block

 by Claire

Molly is using 

an already-pieced quilt top

 for her coat. I’m a sucker for Speckled.

Laura pieced her back, and 

chose a beautiful butterfly fabric

 for the backing/incorporated lining. 


finished her “franken coat” mockup

, which looks great. If you scroll thru the images in the post, you can see the importance of doing a mockup!

Zander is 

cutting into a finished quilt top

 for his kimono-inspired coat. He shares some of his progress in a Stories highlight on his profile.

Carol shares her progress 

in this post

. She’s correct that a coat isn’t a coat, without pockets!

It looks like Sarah 

used a quilt for her mockup and did the finishing touches

, so she can wear it during these cold fall days while she works on her “real” coat.

This Week (Week 4)
This week we are cutting out (and piecing if doing a Party All Over coat), the rest of the coat components (sleeves, collar, hood, pockets). If you are doing a Mullet coat, you likely will use yardage for the rest of the coat, so this is a great catchup (or finally start) week!
Sharing on Instagram
A reminder that if you share your progress in a post on your IG feed, be sure to include #cluelessqcal so it’s easy for everyone who is participating to see what you are making–if your profile is public! It’d also be helpful to tag the designer of your coat (i.e. #papercutpattern) and/or your coat design (i.e. #newlook6585, #novacoat, #tamarackjacket, #patchworkchorecoat). These tags were invaluable as I was researching what coat to make for me (and also what to share with y’all). One last hashtag recommendation to include is #quiltcoat. If people are looking for inspiration to make a coat, they’ll likely search this hashtag.

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