Clueless QCAL (As if!) — Thanks, it has pockets

For all of those worried about not being “on track” with the schedule… I’m behind too (and I’m hosting this thing 


). I made my mockup two months ago, but haven’t done anything since. As I mentioned last week, I have been in a depressive funk and just can’t gather the oomph to sew. That’s all to say, don’t stress or worry if you aren’t sticking to the schedule. As Jack Sparrow would say they are “more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules”.

Now, on to pockets!


Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 5.37.42 PM.png

Who doesn’t love pockets? They can store phones, wallets, keys, kittens, and bottles of wine. 


It’s a good idea, if you didn’t do so already, to make a mockup/test the size of the pockets in your coat. You will want to make sure the pockets fit your hands, and anything else you may want to stuff in them. I found the pockets in the NewLook 6585 a bit small for my liking, so I will be increasing the size on my final coat.
During my obsessive scrolling through IG, I came across @cloverwoppet s quilt coat (she used PaperCuts Sapporo/Nova coat pattern) and the pockets are barely big enough for her hands even tho the pocket looks ginormous (she mentions it in the comments in

this post

). Definitely make sure you check the pocket size before you cut out your pieces — either by laying your hand/phone over the pattern piece, or include it in your muslin mockup.

If you are making a more fitted coat with interior pockets, you probably won’t want to make the pockets much bigger than originally designed. If the pockets are on the exterior, you could probably get away with them a bit bigger . But if you are making a roomy coat, you could make the pockets a bit bigger to fit your needs without ruining the coat shape.

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