Clueless QCAL (As if!) — Make a whole quilt, or part of a quilt?

The schedule I’ve created assumes that you’ll be making sections of a quilt for each of your coat components (just the back for a Mullet, or the back, sleeves, front and hood for a Party All Over–a la how Brittney Frey does it: see here). The benefit of this method is ensuring pattern & quilting alignment, and minimizing waste.

But there is an option to make a full quilt (or use one you already made), and cut it up.

Kiley of

Kiley’s Quilt Room

 made a Party All Over coat during her recent coat quilt along by making a full quilt, then positioning her pattern pieces over the completed quilt. The benefit of this method is no special math is needed to figure out how much fabric you need, the downside is that there will be leftover quilt pieces (wasted work). Another potential downside to this method is that the quilting lines might not match up.

Here is my personal opinion. If you have a quilt already made (or at least a top), cut it up for your coat. If you are starting from scratch, make mini quilts for each of your coat components (a la Brittney Frey).
In my head, the difference makes sense, but I have a feeling I’m not describing it well. If you have questions, please feel free to reply, or comment in your IG group chat.

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