Clueless QCAL (As if!) — Coat Options, I Have Told You Thrice

I’m so happy I’m sending a third email about coat options so I can use this gif from Schitt’s Creek. If you haven’t watched it yet….GET ON IT! It’s my fave. You can find it on Netflix, or purchase on Amazon Prime.

Here are some more patterns that are size inclusive. Some patterns include expanded sizes, others are designed specifically for that demographic. Thanks to everyone who shared!!

Sienna Maker Jacket by Wyldwood Creative: Paper Pattern

Alston Reversible Jacket

by Wyldwood Creative: 

Paper Pattern

Grainger Coat

 by Muna and Broad: 

Paper Pattern

 (they offer to scale the pattern for your size isn’t included!)

Style Arc: 

Outerwear Patterns

 — they offer a variety of size options for a lot of their patterns

Chore Coat

by Patchwork and Poodles: 

PDF Pattern

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