Clueless QCAL (As if!) — Coat Options Part Deux (inclusive sizing)

I can’t believe my little QCAL is up to over 50 people–57 to be exact! I honestly started it to have a few quilty friends to help keep me accountable. I was only planning for my OG group of 12. Then I figured…if I’m writing all these emails for 12 people, I might as well share the info with others. And here we are!

Anyhoo…in one of the group chats, size inclusive patterns came up. I wanted to share with y’all in case you are interested.
Also, if you find a coat you love, but it doesn’t have a hood but you want to add one… Before we start, I’ll send out a survey to find out who else is in the same boat and make a special chat just for you guys so you can support each other!

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