Clueless QCAL (As if!) — A Couple Resources and Coat Options

Here are a couple resources I’ve found helpful to read thru in order to decide what kind of quilt coat I want to make and how to make it. I apologize in advance for how wordy this is….but not sorry for how helpful it is! 🤣

Quilted Coat: Tips & Tricks

In case you haven’t seen Brittney Frey’s beautiful quilt coats, check out her IG @brittney.frey . I had seen some quilt coats floating around IG last year but they were never my style so I didn’t think they were my thing. Then someone shared one of Brittney’s coats and thought I HAVE TO MAKE ONE!!! Anyhoo…she made a coat for Suzy Quilts, using one of Suzy’s patterns for the back, and wrote a blog post  about some tips and tricks. Unfortunately the coat featured in the blog post was drafted by her and not for sale. If you look at some of the first coats she made, she used the Sapporo Coat by Papercut Patterns (now called Nova).

Sapporo Coat

I foundthis IG post by @cleverwoppet  who made the Sapporo coat and added a hood (in case you like the coat shape but want a hood). She talks in her posts that she did a lot of looking at #sapporocoat on IG and looked at reviews of the patterns for tips and tricks for this specific pattern. Here’s the postwhere she talks about adding a hood. Also, I found this post by @sewladybug where she made a Sapporo Coat/Tamarak Jacket mashup that includes a hood.

To Line or Not to Line?
The Sapporo Coat is a lined coat pattern. I asked @cleverwoppet on if she did it again, would she line or bind her seams. She said she’d bind. She made the coat extra large to fit sweaters and things underneath, so the extra bulk from the lining wasn’t an issue. She ended up not lining the sleeves. She personally thinks the inside of the coat looks better sans lining (but she used a stained piece of fabric for her quilt sammich so had to cover it up). THAT BEING SAID! If you live in a cold place and want it to be extra cozy, I’ve seen flannel or even fleece linings. A couple of the coats below don’t call for lining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t if you want to line it!
Coat Options
Here are a few coat options for your quilt coat. Some call for lining, others don’t. Before buying fabric, decide if you want to line it or not. If you aren’t immediately drawn to one, I’d def check out hashtags of each of these patterns for real-life examples…and maybe ask a couple people if it’s a good pattern. There are obviously a ton of other coat patterns out there so just find one you like 🙂 FYI the hyperlink in the coat name will take you to the hashtag on IG. Pattern links are found at the end of each line.
I have more resources and info coming! The next email will talk about the different kinds of quilt coats (All Business, Party All Over, Mullet, and Bedazzle). Unfortunately I did NOT come up with those names, but totally my style and something I’d use. I’ll also provide a few quilt design options for y’all.
Let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to research for you/the group!

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